The Receiving Blanket

Back in September, shortly after the first ante-natal class mentioned the importance of baby blankets being knitted or crocheted (the open-weave is best for helping babies to regulate their temperature), I set to work on a granny square blanket.

It has since changed from being a granny square to being a granny rectangle.

Partly, this is because I became bored of the round and round when I ran out of the initial green and switched to yellow. I decided then that rather than continuing with stripes of colours, I’d do blocks, and have the centre green, with each pair of sides being a different colour, with the first pair being yellow.

Only then, of course, I changed my mind some more. You see, I liked it being a rectangle (or oblong, as I was taught in primary school). It made a change from the normal square blankets I make, and would fit better over the cot. And then I had to decide how wide to make the orange sides, and then I decided it needed a full orange border all the way around. Because why stick to one plan when you can change your mind whenever you like?!

Of course, this does now mean that I have almost two balls of the orange yarn left over and no idea what to make with them. Perhaps some little booties or a hat. I have a feeling that I’d have been left with them anyway, even if I had gone with my original plan, but better to have too much than too little. As it is, I ran out of the red I used for a final edge when I was SO CLOSE to the end of the round, so I finished it off with a final bit of orange. I could have frogged that round and changed to a slip-stitch, but that felt like too much work. Besides, there’s all that orange left over.

But now that is folded and packed and ready for baby’s arrival.

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