The Spiral Effect

It can be easy, sometimes, to fall into a downward spiral of lack of inspiration and restlessness. Sometimes it’s the weather outside (too hot, too rainy, too whatever); sometimes it’s just because there’s nothing new in the craft room and you’ve run out of ideas for what you have; sometimes it’s just a disinclination you can’t get out of.

Or it’s because you see a long list of things you need to make and just can’t summon the will to begin.

And then you end up in a vicious circle. Currently I’m in one, at least for card-making, which is a pain. It’s not even like I make complicated cards that require a lot of thought or careful calculations either.

However, a recent purchase of stencils for next year’s diary/bullet journal yielded a few patterns which will probably lend themselves to some cards, like this spiral of circles. It did take a little while of staring at it to decide how best to use it for a card, though, and now I have to find the right size of sentiment to go across the centre.

I did stamp a You are Magical sentiment, but then decided it was too big. It covered most of the pink circles and took up too much space. There’ll be some gems later, too. It seems to just call out for some sparkles and glitter.

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