Notes From My Office: November 2022

With the end of October came the removal of the two-screen desktop and the return of half my crafting desk to crafting.

I’m still reorganising my crafting supplies and deciding how best to use the space that is now available to me.

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Shortly, I shall get M to lift my sewing machine up onto the desk so I can finally get on with making things from the large quantity of fat quarters we’ve collected for nursery-items. Cot-quilts and the like. I’d done so well at reducing my fat quarter stash, too!

Mind you, I also have some thermal lining to add to some curtains, and to make a Christmas stocking for baby, which will necessitate the buying of Christmas fabric. Possibly one of the stocking panels which Hobbycraft sell, rather than a set of festive fat quarters, which is what I did last time I made a stocking. I just need to see how the finished stocking from such a panel measures up against ones made from fat quarters.

Of course, there is also occasional studying to be done, but on a laptop which takes up considerably less space and can be more easily hidden away during crafting hours. Mostly, though, that’ll just be needed for the occasional essay or spot of internet-research.

The last time I studied was at a bricks-and-mortar university. I’m finding it an interesting comparison (what I remember of it, anyway) with the OU experience this time around. It feels weird to have all the essay questions and deadlines and the exam date from the start of the year, although that is extremely handy for planning work around the potential disruption of baby’s arrival. And, of course, this time around, I have the benefit of knowing this is just for fun: I’m not trying to complete a whole degree and my future doesn’t depend on my grades.

One thing which I do really appreciate is that the module’s books have lovely wide margins, which are just perfect for scribbling in as I read.

Recently Read

How Babies Think – Alison Gopnik, Andrew Meltzoff and Patricia Kuhl

The Thursday Murder Club – Richard Osman

Words of the Month

Alieniloquy – an instance of straying from the subject one is supposed to be talking about; rambling or evasive talk

Alderelde – extreme old age; a life of many years

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