Rediscovering Forgotten Craft Supplies

According to the ante-natal class I attended a month or so ago, one of the early signs of labour (or perhaps just of imminent labour) is an irresistible desire to clean and tidy.

Quite honestly, it’s getting hard enough to just get up off the sofa, so I can’t imagine being able to manage a Proper Clean of the house. Not even now, let alone in the next month or so.

On the other hand, what I can manage is tidying and reorganising the various craft-boxes and baskets I’ve been stuffing supplies into with only a vague sense of order. There’s less of the bending over or anything resembling strenuous activity in emptying a box and refilling it.

Like the Cross-Stitch Box, which is full to the brim with various kits and fabrics. And unfinished projects. And since I still haven’t gone back to the Map, I might as well make use of the time-honoured method of procrastination and bring some order to the box. See what I have in there.

Turns out, there’s quite a lot which I’d forgotten I had. Including a dinosaur picture I made years ago, and which will go with the dinosaur herd in the nursery. If I can think what to do with it. Not on the wall, I don’t think, but perhaps as a panel for a quilt or something. And a set of Mr Men and Little Miss kits, which will go well with the fat quarters I have set aside for another quilt.

But it occurred to me that the way to get back into anything is to start small, and there are lots of little kits just waiting to be stitched (and a handful of bigger ones, but they’ll have to wait their turn!). Perhaps if I can complete a few of them, I’ll manage to get back to the map…Here’s hoping, anyway!

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