The Advent Jigsaw

Now that the nights are definitely drawing in – it’s dark by about half 7 these days, and getting earlier every night – I’m beginning to think about other festive crafting. I’m not feeling so far behind with the card-making that I can’t take a little break from them.

What I’ve actually been thinking about instead is the Advent Calendar.

Ours is a series of little cross-stitches which get pegged to a Merry Christmas ribbon and a new one turned around each day. But it occurred to me that perhaps the little one might appreciate something a bit more interactive. And I keep looking at all those Advent houses with drawers and thinking about getting one to decorate.

Of course, baby won’t be that interested this year: it’ll be too busy working out the world in general without also working out the cultural festivities and traditions as well. So I’ll probably leave the idea of the house with drawers for the moment.

Instead, the other idea I had was an Advent Jigsaw, with a piece for each day (one in each of those drawers, when I get to sorting that out). Unnumbered, so it can be built in a different order each year.  

Fortunately, I found 25-piece blank jigsaws on eBay, and which came in packs of three. Which means, if I don’t go wrong and need to try again with the first picture, I can make several jigsaws so the same image doesn’t turn up year after year. I still need to work out the best medium for adding colour to the jigsaws: they’ve got a slightly shiny surface, so I expect Stazon will be the ink for outlines. But I’m not sure for colour. Mind you, I’m not sure what the final image will be either. Still need to work that out, too.

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