Autumn Thanks

The end of September is usually accompanied by Harvest Festivals, a time for giving thanks for the food to see you through the winter. At least in Northern Hemisphere farming communities. And assuming that it was a good harvest. Can’t imagine they were particularly popular in years of poor harvests: not much to be thankful for then.

But, given the rising food-prices at the moment, perhaps I shall find other things to be thankful for. Like the chill in the air, after the heatwaves of the summer. It is much easier to warm up with layers and blankets than it is to cool down, after all.

And, of course, the lovely autumnal colours: all the yellows and oranges. Bright golden leaves, and the crunch as you walk through them.

So, naturally, I turned to the Fabulous Foliage stencil for a leafy background, and my little-used Distress Oxides for the bright colours. The die-cuts came from Hobbycraft Artisan paper-packs, and which I really haven’t known what to do with since I picked up the paper packs.

And then all it needed was a sentiment, which I stamped directly over the leaves, and some sparkly gems in yellow and orange.  

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