Believe in the Magic

One thing I’ve started doing to help me use more of my stamps and dies is to pull one set out and stare at it until inspiration strikes. Sometimes this doesn’t take very long; sometimes it takes ages, and I need to use bits from another set as well.

The set I used for this card I’ve had for years. Since I first started thinking about card-making. I think, anyway. It’s one of those sets which just seem to have always been there. And which I’ve never used. I can’t remember now where it came from.

Until now. It took me a little while to think about what to do with it, partly also I think because normally I’m a stamper and I don’t often think about the dies I have, and this is a wholly-die set.

But I came up with something in the end: a silver moon with Fr Christmas and his sleigh travelling across a starry sky. The other bonus to this plan was using some of the patterned paper which also accumulates and never gets used.

I was a bit worried that the circle – supposedly for a snowglobe – would be a bit big for a moon, or for my card-base, but I thought I’d give it a go and see what happened. And actually it’s about the right size.

The sentiment came from a different stamp set. In theory it’s been heat-embossed (clear over silver ink), but I think I spent a tad too long trying to find a piece of folded paper to catch the excess powder and it only stuck in a few places. Oh well! The Delicata ink I used is quite good for these metallic colours, so it doesn’t matter too much.

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