The Less Simple Granny Square Blanket

The trouble I find with making granny square blankets is that, after a certain point, I get a bit bored. I like the not really thinking about what I’m doing, but the round-and-round part of it just becomes…samey. Especially since the one I’m now making is not my first.

It’s true, I could have found a different blanket pattern, or a different granny square pattern, but that seemed like even more effort.

However, I have found a way to make it a bit more interesting for me.

Now that I’ve come to the end of the green I started with, I’ve switched to a yellow, but rather than continuing round and making wide stripes, I’ve decided to do something else. My plan now is to put yellow on two opposite sides of the central square, and then get another colour to go down the other two sides. At present, probably an orangey shade.

I haven’t changed the pattern: it’s still a nice easy one-two-three count of trebles, but not going round and round is making enough of a difference to keep it more interesting. Keep me going with it and not just until I run out of the yarn I already have.

Not sure what I’ll do for a border at the end though. Still have to think about that.

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