The Snow Stag

One thing I don’t much like doing, as a card-maker, is making the same card multiple times. Variations, in different colours perhaps, sure, but not the same thing. I get bored, you see.

I like simple cards, designs which are quick and easy and don’t require much concentration, but I do like them to be different. And then I have the fun of deciding who gets what at Christmas.

A few weeks back, I made a stag card, layering strategically cut bits of a pretty festive paper. I liked the effect of the stag, but, not wanting to repeat the card entirely, had another think for the background. And sentiment.

Given the snowflakes on the stag, I thought perhaps a snowy background would be suitable, and got the snowflake embossing folder out, along with the clear adhesive gems. Can’t have snow without a little sparkle.

And then heat-embossed a coppery sentiment, just for a bit of colour.

Looking again at it, this could well be used for a winter birthday as well as a Christmas card.

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