Dinosaur Adventures

I don’t often have to make cards for children. But I’m going to have to practise – and collect a few more child-oriented stamps and dies.

At present, I only have a set of friendly dinosaurs, although I expect some of the other sets can be adapted. It’s true, though, that I didn’t actually get the dinosaurs for child-cards. I got them because they were cute.

They were an unnamed brand from eBay, with stamps and matching dies. I was pleased with how easily and well the stamps stamped first time, too. Normally not all of the ink stamps, or it comes up a bit fuzzy around the edges, but with these dinosaurs, there was none of that.

And the dies came apart easily too. I try to avoid sets where all the dies are attached to each other and you have to cut them apart, but the joins weren’t all that strong with these so it wasn’t difficult to separate them.

At some point, when this is required for a child, I shall add the appropriate number below the sentiment. For now, it shall just join the stash.

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