The Dove of Peace

Last Christmas, one of the die and stamp sets I picked up was an RSPB dove set, Peace on Earth. Naturally, I didn’t get around to using it.

Not then, anyway. I tried the dove die-set at Easter when I was failing to make Easter cards. I didn’t get very far with it, partly because I ran out of the specific white card I was using and would have ended up with a slightly different shade for the other wing.

But a few weeks ago I found a pad of Christmas papers in The Works which I thought would work nicely with the dove.

And it turns out that I was right, for at least one of the papers. I was actually taken by a pattern with doves on it, but I changed my mind when it came to making. This time around, at any rate. No doubt I’ll come back to that idea later.

I did have a go at heat-embossing the sentiment, but not much of the embossing powder actually stuck to the ink, so it only got a few specks here and there. Still turned out all right, I think, and probably better than if it had been completed embossed. And then a final sprinkle of yellow stones, to help bring out the gold bits of the background.

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