Notes From My Office: September 2022

August did not, in the end, turn out to be a particularly crafty sort of month. Too much heat, I think, and unexpected visits to places.

However, I did begin a little cardigan and the nest-building is now pretty much complete. Other than the world map, which is destined for the walls. If it ever gets finished. But since M has a habit of pinching my office/craft room when I have days off, I may find myself more inclined to pick up the stitching on those days, since it’s better done in front of a programme or film. Here’s to hoping, anyway!

I still need to make a couple of little blankets for baby, though. Probably simple granny-square blankets. No need for additional complications at this stage in the proceedings.

I have also begun to make new plans for my future crafting and writing. Which you may have noticed from the addition of Monday’s card-post. Clearly, the way to make sure I keep on top of my card-making is to have the regular post, but I don’t seem very good at balancing the festive quantities with the more every-day ones, the birthdays and the just-because and the unexpected. Therefore, I’ve decided to split them into (Mundane, or Miscellaneous) Monday and (Festive) Friday. We’ll find out if this is a good idea or not in a couple of months. Hopefully, though, this will also encourage me to use all the lovely stamp and die sets I’ve collected but haven’t used because I’m making for a specific person and they just don’t seem quite right for that person.

I’d like to think this might also give me the push to try more exciting sorts of folds as well, but I shan’t make any promises on that score.  

Recently Read

Murder at the Vicarage – Agatha Christie

The Ink Black Heart – Robert Galbraith

Words of the Month

Pantopragmatics – the notional branch of knowledge dealing with meddling in all things

Lepak – to loiter aimlessly or idly; to loaf, relax, hang out

Bretheling – a worthless or contemptible person; a good-for-nothing; a wretch

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