Autumn Pumpkins

Autumn is a good season. Generally, not too hot, not too cold, and a good balance of sunshine and rain. Although, after the summer we’ve just had, we could do with more rain than sunshine this autumn.

I’ve collected several autumnal stamp sets over the last few years. As always, though, it’s the idea more than the making, and they don’t often get used. Which is a shame. Same goes for quite a few of my every-day sets.  

However, I finally managed to use one of the autumnal pumpkin sets (Autumn Blessings from Simply Cards & Papercraft 220): quite a simple card, just a bit of stamping, colouring and cutting, and I wondered why it had taken me so long to do something with it. Perhaps it was trying too hard to have perfect cards for recipients and not being able to think of someone who’d really appreciate such a card.

As with the use (or not) of pretty papers, sometimes you can be a bit precious about matching cards to people, and then perfectly decent stamp sets go to waste through non-use. I still don’t know who is likely to get this card, or if it’ll be a birthday card or a general card, but autumn is my birthday season. I expect it’ll be used. Or kept in the stash for emergency use.

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