Card of the Week: The Layered Stag

One of the problems with card-making is that it’s all too easy to collect patterned papers. They’re just so pretty.

This is especially true of Christmas paper pads. Of course, collecting the patterned papers in and of themselves isn’t really a problem. The problem is in doing something with the papers. I do have a tendency to just look at and contemplate the patterns.

And then you get to the point where you realise that you’ve been contemplating the pretty papers for several years and you still haven’t done anything with them. It is, still, a complete pack of paper.

So I got on with having a play with some of them, particularly a lovely page with an evergreen border and a stag. Not all cards, it seems, require stamping (other than sentiments) or die-cutting. This one just required careful cutting of pretty patterned paper and just as careful layering. And then a sprinkle of green pearls, with the sentiment heat-embossed in silver.

I don’t often just layer pieces like this. For background borders around stamped images, sure, but not often for using as the main focal point, or for building an image. But it’s effective, and I like it, so I shall probably trawl through the paper pads a bit more to see what else I can do. I probably won’t be so lucky again as I was with the stag, but you never know.

2 thoughts on “Card of the Week: The Layered Stag

  1. I do like that stag and the layering you’ve done. It’s really effective.
    I had to stop myself, or force myself I should say, from being too precious with my stuff. I used to resent layering because ‘it covers up most of what your using!’ However before a session I now say to myself, ‘don’t be precious,’ and then I make cards with layers!

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