Card of the Week: The Skiing Snowman

In the midst of this week’s heatwave, in trying to find a way to cool down, I couldn’t resist the skiing snowman from the Creative Stamping 100 set from Crafter’s Companion.

Also, the thought of snow helped.

I didn’t use this stamp – or many from this quarter of the set – last year, partly because I’m not normally drawn to these sorts of whimsical stamps for some reason. Or rather, I like them, but can never think what to do with them.

The magazine gives suggestions, of course, but the heat of the afternoon was not helping for concentration or energy, so I probably wasn’t going to try anything overly complicated.

But when I started thinking about the festive cards for this year, I pulled all the festive washi tapes out of their box and they’ve been lying on my desk ever since. A few years ago, I made a birthday card with a washi-taped centre, which I think worked well, and I was planning a similar snowy sort of thing with the various snowflake tapes. And it occurred to me that a snowflake background would work for the snowman, instead of ink-blending a snowy hill.

I’m not sure which sentiment to use though: there’s Let it Snow, or Snow Much Fun, or Winter Wishes. Or probably several others from a different set. There’s also a cute penguin stamp which might benefit from a similar washi-tape background.

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