Stitch by Stitch: Sunshine on the Sea

About this time last year, and after making such good progress, I had to pack away my cross-stitch project because of a move.

I’ve only just managed to get around to starting again. I did get it out of the box back in January or February, but the ability to concentrate just hasn’t been there, so it’s taken until now to do more than look at it. Not, it must be admitted, that I have so far done very much more to it.

So far, I’ve only added to the ship’s sails and filled in a bit more of the blue sky above it. But baby steps. One stitch at a time.

Or maybe it’s just the stitching of a sun in such hot weather. Or doing anything very much really.

I will need to get faster, though, if I’m to complete it by my new deadline of November. I shall start, though, with getting this half of the ship finished and back-stitched, hopefully by the end of the month. Then I can try to plan out targets for the rest of it, though it does suddenly occur to me that November will only be three months away then. Might take me longer to complete.

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