Card of the Week: The Christmas Family

I had planned for a card using the circles cut from last week’s wreath (plus a couple of others), with a set of circular stamps from the Crafter’s Companion stamp set from Creative Stamping 100. But the Peace one didn’t stamp properly. Or rather, it did, but then the ink filled the word, so it didn’t really read Peace. I shall have to have another go at a later stage and see if I can get it to work.

And then I picked up a couple of the other stamps in the same set. I used the Holy Family stamp for several cards last year as well, only then I stamped and coloured. This time, I thought I’d just heat-emboss it in white, with the sentiment in gold above it.

For once, I did remember to use the anti-static pad before stamping and powdering, but it doesn’t seem to have entirely worked. On the other hand, I quite like the effect of the delicate sprinkle of white speckles. Gives it a slightly snowy sort of look. Doubt I’d manage to replicate it though. Won’t stop me trying.

On the other hand, and maybe it had something to do with using the anti-static pad or maybe it was something else, for once I managed to heat-emboss without making the card sort of ripple and bend from the heat.

2 thoughts on “Card of the Week: The Christmas Family

    1. Thanks – I normally have the same problem and end up trying to flatten things with heavy books. I’ve no idea WHAT I did differently for it to work this time!

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