Card of the Week: Christmas Wreath

I first started making cards during autumn, when all the festive sets were beginning to come out in the magazines. One of the first sets I picked up had a wreath embossing folder, stamps, and I think a build-yourself-a-robin die set. I can’t find that die-set though, so I might have imagined it.

I didn’t get very far with the embossing folder that year – the same old trouble of fiddling with Gemini plates and combinations. And so it was put away and largely forgotten about.

But the Cuttlebug has made light work of embossing folders, so I’ve been having all sorts of fun, including with this one. I’ve even got over the mental block of not wanting to scratch my lovely new plates in order to die-cut a neat circle from the centre of the wreath.

And found a different robin stamp and die pair to add one of them to the bottom of the wreath. This came from an RSPB winter birds set.

Still deciding on the festive sentiment, though. And debating whether it needs a bit of glitter or sparkle from some red holly berry gems or something. Maybe some pearls for mistletoe-berries.

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