Notes From My Office: July 2022

That’s half the year done, and considerably less time being spent in the Office now that I can reclaim all that overtime. Funny how all the long weekends fill themselves with other activities, now that I can actually have something approaching a social life.

The Sunshine Shawl

Of course, there has also been more time for crafting. Leastways for the various crochet-projects I’ve begun and for building up the card-stash. I’ve still yet to pick up the threads for the map again. I’d say there’s time for that, but my aim is to finish it before November, when I expect my time to require rearranging again for fortunately non-work-related reasons, so I’d probably better get on with it.

The other thing I can start to do now is to go back to the plans I was beginning to make back in February before the exhaustion of overtime caught up with me. So there should start to be some changes around here in the next few weeks. Some may be obvious (for example, affiliate links like the ones below), some probably less so (I haven’t worked out what these might be).

The main aim of these changes is to build the sort of gentle, crafting life which furlough showed me suits me best. But then, does a job where there’s six months of overtime ever suit anyone? Especially when the overtime is used to cover chronic staff-shortages.

Recently Read

These Names Make CluesE.C.R. Lorac*

When We Believed in Mermaids – Barbara O’Neal*

Words of the Month

 Drooking – a drenching, a soaking

Agathokakological – composed of both good and evil

*As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This does not affect the price you pay.

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