Card of the Week: Candy-Cane Christmas

After last week’s mouse, I’ve gone back to Christmas cards for a while. I did some adding up and I’ve more of them to make than I do birthday cards for the rest of this year, so I thought I’d better get a move on. Especially since I was doing so well a few weeks back.

Still with the House Mouse stamps, since they make it so easy when I have a desk covered in stuff (because I’m not a very tidy crafter and have a tendency to leave things out). It doesn’t help that I pulled out all my Christmas stuff in the hopes of finding inspiration, to make cards which aren’t just the same as the ones I made last year. Or the year before.

Of course, finding some new pretty festive paper in Hobbycraft helped. Especially when there was a piece in the pack which goes so suitably with the mice and their candy-canes and dreams of a striped Christmas.

The rest of the paper has green stripes, though, so perhaps there will have to be some green-striped candy-canes or other dreams.

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