Nature Notes: June 2022

I write this in the middle of a thunderstorm. Although that seems a bit of an exaggeration: it’s raining and occasionally there’s thunder. It isn’t very stormy, though, and I haven’t yet seen any lightning. It’s a rainy end to June, after the sunshine and mini-heatwave of a few weeks ago. Typical of a Glastonbury weekend.


But the plants are probably rejoicing in the extra drink. And it saves M from having to water them.

The garden is very green at the moment. We don’t seem to have a lot of flowers, though the daisies and clovers on the lawn are recovering from their cut at the beginning of the month. The main flower we have is one that we didn’t plant: a dicot of some variety. A more specific identification has yet to be made.

The blueberry bushes have potential for colour: they’re both covered in a lot of currently green berries, though I think I spy a bit of purple-blue on one. The important question is if we can get to the ripe berries before the birds do, when the time comes.

Sea Hives

A bit further afield, a sunny walk along the sea-front introduced us to an experiment by Swansea University currently underway: to identify the sorts of textures that barnacles, seaweeds and other creatures like to live on. Hexagons with different patterns and textures have been attached to the seawall, to encourage greater diversity. They’ll be monitored to see which are best, to aid the restoration of the seawall.

I think the experiment must have only recently begun, because they don’t yet have anything much of anything living on them. We’ll return later in the year to see if that changes.  

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