Card of the Week: Christmas Nap

One of the things I like about these House Mouse stamps is that they don’t require much inspiration. Just some colouring and maybe a colourful backing paper. Very useful for those days when there are too many possibilities and you don’t know what to do.

Stamp, colour, stick, done.

Of course, then you have to find a sentiment, but that can always be done later. I’m sure there’s something suitable somewhere in the stash.

A lovely easy card, with a bit of meditative colouring. I expect I’ll be making a few more, and more of the other House Mouse stamps. I was totting up how many Christmas cards I need to make the other day. And I’m such a slow card-maker, even with so many quick and simple ones. But this half of the year never seems as long as the first half. Probably all the Christmas crafting.

This House Mouse stamp is the Balsam Nap one, though I’ve no idea where I got the backing paper. It just appeared from the Christmas stash.

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