The Midsummer Crisis

We have reached that part of the year when days are at their longest. When the sun shines (though hopefully not as excessively as last week), and there is hope and optimism in the air. A lifting of the spirits caused by all the light and warmth, by the birdsongs and colours from the flowers.

It’s also the time of year where, from now on, the days are beginning to get shorter again, and all the things I can see turning up in my diary make it seem like a much shorter half of the year than the first half, when I did little more than work, and I have a panic about how it will all get done.

In short, the Midlife Crisis of each year: when I wonder where the last six months have gone and how best to make good use of the next six.

On the other hand, at least I can see considerably less of the day-job in the calendar, after all that overtime. Which means I should now have the time and energy to begin implementing some of the plans I came up with earlier this year, before I lost all my time to the day-job for months on end. Although plans and contact with the enemy.

But the first step to getting back on track is getting back to organising my writing-time and planning and at least drafting things several weeks, if not a month, in advance. It’ll probably take a few weeks for me actually to get my act together. Got to take some time to recover from those exhausting six months, after all.

I can see a lot more crocheting in my future, though: I was recently given a couple of shopping bags full of various lovely yarns, for which I must now find projects (more anon), as well as the yarns in my stash with their various projects.

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