Card of the Week: Hexagons

Sometimes, you have to make a card for someone a little bit tricky. Generally men, though not always. Usually because the more flowery stamps and sentiments which seem so common just aren’t right.

In such instances, simplicity is very much key.

I know, complicated cards aren’t what I’m known for. I like ones I can make and be done with in a very short space of time, though I am trying (now I have the time) to attempt more complicated ones. Different folds, different techniques, more exciting embossing.

But then I needed a leaving card for someone I’ve never met and from the description I’d say probably isn’t a card sort of person. Except you can’t let someone leave without a card for everyone else to write messages in.

Fortunately, though, I’d just got hold of Creative Stamping 109, with its Versa-tiles stamp set. And not all of them were flowery. Just the thing for the trickier card-recipient. No doubt I could have done a more exciting sort of simple card, but I was also up against a deadline.

So some simple hexagons and an easy sentiment, et voila! Turns out, I don’t have any Sorry You’re Leaving sentiments either. Never mind.

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