The Sunshine Shawl

After the admittedly not very complicated in the end cardigan (which still needs its buttons), I thought I’d ease myself back into larger craft projects with an easy shawl.

I had four balls of a (clearance) WI Soft & Cuddly yarn, 50g (125 m each), in an Orange Mix colour, and the need for something to help keep warm for next winter. A shawl, then, for I have other yarns for a blanket.

I’m never sure if I have enough yarn when I start off on a shawl or a blanket, but I found an easy lacy shawl made by Fiber Spider on YouTube which seemed like it would be a good big’un with the amount of yarn available. So I started off.

And it is indeed an easy shawl to crochet. It grows quickly and there’s very little thinking required as you go around. I took it as a holiday-project for my week off, and by the end of the week had finished the four balls. And decided that I needed a few more. It probably is big enough as it is, but I’d like a few more rows.

Fortunately, Hobbycraft still had some in the clearance racks when I got there, even from the same dye-lot. So I have some more crocheting to do to finish my shawl. Shouldn’t take long, then I can get on with the blanket I have planned. Which I’ll probably decide I don’t have enough yarn for either and have to go back to Hobbycraft…

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