Notes From My Office: June 2022

I have hopes for June. Partly, perhaps, because the sun is more consistently shining, and that always lends an air of hope and optimism. But also because, finally, after about six months, the daily overtime is over, and I can begin to use my accumulated toil, and the holidays I haven’t touched since Christmas, to make the rest of the year somewhat more relaxed. And give me plenty of time for my crafting projects. I may even manage to get back to the habit of writing and scheduling posts well in advance.

Which is good, because I have a list of projects, either to begin or to complete.

For cross-stitch, it is, of course, the map, which I must complete. Hopefully this year. Especially as I’d like to move on and have a go at one of the Wrendale Designs patterns, but I feel I can’t while I have the map hanging over me.

For crochet, a recent trip to Hobbycraft, for yarn I will admit, yielded a bagful for three different projects. Well, two projects, but the third yarn was in the clearance and too nice to leave behind. I have a baby blanket in mind for one project, and a shawl for the other. I haven’t yet decided on the patterns for either, though, nor what to make with the third yarn. And, of course, I still have the yarns I got at Christmas for more of the Edward’s Menagerie animals. Then I might have a rummage through my yarn-stash and see what else I can make and use up.

My card-making has continued throughout, though mostly at something of a snail’s pace. It’s beginning to pick up again, so I’m hoping to have quite a stash by the end of the summer, when the birthday season begins again. At least of Christmas cards, anyway, so I can concentrate on the birthdays thereafter.

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