Card of the Week: The Garden Gnome

Some people are difficult to make cards for. Not because they wouldn’t appreciate a handmade card, whatever it looked like, but because it can be difficult to find the sort of images which suited them in some way.

Usually, masculine cards fall into this sort of category, which is understandable given the plethora of flowery or cute stamp sets. And while I wouldn’t want to stereotype, flowery or cute aren’t really the sorts of images that spring to mind when I need a card for most of the men in my life.

But the Daisy Mae Garden Gnome stamp set from Creative Stamping 94 does lend itself to the gardening men I know. Which is useful, as I’d otherwise been struggling to think of something to make for M. Could have done something with some of the birds, I suppose, but given my general lack of inspiration and energy recently (I still haven’t tidied my desk yet), that seemed a bit complicated.

Instead, it was a bit of stamping, a bit of fussy-cutting, and a bit of colouring. Stamp, stamp, snip, snip, and some dimensionals to stick it all together.

I didn’t manage to make any Easter cards either this year. I die-cut bits of a dove from a Christmas set, but they seem to have got lost in mess. They’re there somewhere. I’ll have to try again for next year.

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