Notes From My Office: April 2022

The clocks have gone forward, the sun is beginning to shine (last week’s flurry of snow an aberration), and the optimism of summer is making itself known.

Soon, I hope, the daily overtime for the day-job will come to an end (it started before Christmas), and then perhaps I will have the energy to craft properly again. After so long, it’s difficult to remember what that feels like. On the other hand, I do have a couple of Hobbycraft vouchers, so perhaps a trip there would help.

I still haven’t restarted the map, though I retrieved it from its box a couple of months ago. And I haven’t got any further with the baby-cardigan I started last month.

Nor have I made any more cards, though I did finally get some Easter-stamps for making Easter cards. Maybe I’ll get around to making some in the next couple of weeks. The real question is whether I’ll make them in time to send them. For this Easter, that is. Although, now I think about it, I think I have a couple from last year which I didn’t send. Perhaps that’s the answer to my inability to make things on time. At least I’ll have time over the Easter weekend (huzzah for bank holidays!), so I can make a start on next year’s Easter cards…

Recent Reads

Wilding, by Isabella Tree (such an appropriate name for writing a book on rewilding!)

Words of the Month

Powfagged – extremely tired; mentally or physically exhausted. This just about describes me most of the time these days.

Light fantastic – dancing, especially ballroom dancing

Cuddy wifter – a left-handed person

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