Card of the Week: F is for Flamingo

I know, I’ve skipped a few letters. I did mean to have a Daffodil for D, but it appears that I haven’t any daffodil stamps or dies. A shame, because I do like daffodils. Such a bright, cheery flower for this time of year. Such a strong hint of spring, sunshine on the way and summer round the corner.

But alas! No stamps or dies in my collection, so no cards or notelets with daffodils this time.

And I didn’t really even bother trying to think of an E; I just skipped straight to F, and the Flamingo.

This method of creating a card front – as always, very simple, and barely took five minutes – reminded me a bit of a Dew Drop swipe method I tried a couple of years ago. This time, though, it was a few swirls with a (blusher-style) blending brush. And I only used two colours, not including the black for the stamping (this time: Rose Bud and Sweet Plum).

The stamps are from two different sets: the flamingo from the Totally Tropical set from Simply Cards and Papercraft 205, and the sentiment from a Woodware sentiment set I think I picked up in Hobbycraft. One of the few times when I’ve gone out of my way to buy stamps. It’s more likely that I will, for sets of sentiments: the ones which come with the magazine sets have a tendency to settle for the common sorts of the sentiments.

I’m not actually sure why the flamingo went with this particular sentiment. I don’t know if they’re particularly worrisome birds, or particularly calm, or particularly fun-loving. But so it is.

I had wanted to give this a pink backing, but apparently pink card isn’t something my card-room has in stock. Which sounds to me like that means I need a little trip to Hobbycraft…

3 thoughts on “Card of the Week: F is for Flamingo

  1. I love this. For some reason I’m drawn to flamingos and I think its really clever how the flamingo itself is barely pink. Looking forward to see what other cards you come up with

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