Card of the Week: Snowdrops

It is the time for snowdrops, though the Polar Bear still isn’t flowering. I only ever seem to make snowdrop cards at this time of year, despite the fact that, obviously, I still have the stamps the rest of the year.

And despite the fact that I seem to have collected several snowdrop stamps, or sets of stamps. Including this stamp, which was part of the Snowflakes and Butterflies stamp set from Chloe’s Creative Cards which came with Creative Stamping 103, from just before Christmas. The sentiment was also part of the set.

This card was made in a happy moment of a power cut, which took out the office server for a few hours (such a shame!). I hadn’t realised before I made it that the snowdrops were one stamp: I had thought them three separate stamps. Changed the plan of the card from portrait to landscape, but otherwise didn’t affect my plans.

Just a gentle brushing of several green Memento inks, and a scatter of little pearls. Simple, like most of my cards.

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