Card of the Week: Springtime Bird

Now that days are beginning to brighten again – it’s so nice to start and finish working in daylight, even with early starts and late finishes – the world begins to look more colourful again. Of course, the return of greenery and more days with sunshine helps with that. And it’s fun to make cheerful cards. I know, there’s no reason why I can’t make cheerful cards when it’s dark and miserable outside, but that sort of weather is a bit depressing for creative ideas.

Every so often, when I had a cross-stitch magazine subscription (I had CrossStitcher for a couple of years, then The World of Cross-Stitching), the free gift was a card. Usually, it would be a patch, but sometimes, as with this one, the pattern is stitched direct onto the card.

At some point I will get myself some dies to make my own such card-fronts. Might even have a go at designing some little patterns to stitch as well.

In the meantime, I still have lots of those mini-kits to use up, because I never managed to stitch them before the next magazine arrived. You can see why I no longer have a subscription. If I can’t keep up with the kits, there’s no way I’m keeping up with all the other lovely patterns in the magazines!

2 thoughts on “Card of the Week: Springtime Bird

  1. That’s a sweet stitch! I was the same with my subscriptions and have recently sorted out all my magazines. I got rid of Lots and Lots and have promised I’ll not buy anymore until I’ve stitched up at least half of what I’ve kept! I did the same with my crochet magazines and my quilting magazines! (Yes, I am a recovering craft hoarder!)

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    1. Thanks. Yes, that’s the problem with magazines. A couple of years ago I went through mine and tore out the patterns I really liked and might one day make to keep, and threw the rest, but I still seem to have a pile of magazines left! And the papercrafting ones are building up now…


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