Putting the Pieces Together

The trouble with some plans is that they aren’t individual, or a plan in isolation. They don’t just happen: there are several steps, or several strands, which have to happen. Big-picture, long-term plans. The sorts of plans which take time and patience, and careful chipping away.

For the more impatient of us, these sorts of plans are a pain. They’re slow and you can’t see immediate results. Unlike the lose 10lbs in a week sorts of plans. On the other hand, those sorts of flash-in-a-pan plans tend not to be quite so sustainable long-term, and you end up exhausted.

Sometimes, the baby-step plans are the better way of doing things. Bit by little bit. Adjusting as you go.

Laurence the Tiger from Edward’s Menagerie

Of course, this could all just be me trying to justify why it takes me so long to decide anything or to execute said plan when I do decide it. Not much of a one for speedy decisions or quick actions. Too much like effort and unnecessary expenditure of energy.

Part of why I’ve been thinking about these sorts of things is because WordPress told me the other day that I’ve been blogging for 9 years now. An awful long time. Most of which I didn’t really have any idea of what I was doing with it or what I wanted from it. It just felt like the Thing To Do. But, for the last few years, I’ve been working on different aspects, one bit at a time, and making longer-term plans.

I did the jumping in without much thought, bumbling along and failing to learn much about what I was doing, at the beginning. I think I’d read about someone making (what sounded like) a fortune from blogging and couldn’t think why I shouldn’t be able to as well. I was coming to the end of university and had no idea what I wanted to do after. Blogging sounded easy.

Naturally, it’s not as easy as all that, and I was very inconsistent and random. I’m still working on the making a fortune, but the rest of it is easier. Which is what happens when you make a somewhat better plan than “Make a fortune blogging”. Even when I leave the writing until last thing the night before.

It’s about putting the pieces together; joining the dots to reveal the Big Picture. Like with making Laurence the Tiger. Stitch by stitch, piece by piece, then all joined together.

Only then I remembered that tigers have tails and I haven’t made that yet. So I can’t finish Laurence the Tiger just yet, because I don’t have all the pieces. Not that the tail will take very long to make.

The aforementioned slowness in deciding and executing plans means there isn’t going to be any Big Reveal. Things will just start to happen, or will change with the times, and it will be like it was always that way. Probably.

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