Card of the Week: The Unfinished Hummingbird

Does it count as a Card of the Week if I haven’t really completed it yet?

Some years ago now, I stitched the Mouseloft Hummingbird kit. And then did nothing with it. It’s wafted around my craft room ever since, trying to find a home.

Finally, this week, I’ve got around to at least planning a home for it. Mouseloft kits are usually a very good size for card-patches, though I have scrapbooked a lot too. And, having gone through everything during the organisation, I pulled some vaguely tropical things together.

Well, I used the Fabulous Foliage stencil from last summer’s Simply Cards and Papercraft 217, with a few layers of different green VersaMagic inks, to make a suitable background, and have been struggling with how to finish it ever since. The green inks didn’t work quite how I’d envisioned, but I’m still quite pleased with the result.

I think I’m decided on the die-cut leaf and feather, from Papercrafter 148, and a random die-cut sentiment whose origin I can’t remember. Possibly. Equally I might change my mind again and use one of the pretty leaf-patterned papers I picked up from Hobbycraft that time I was wandering around…If I can decide which looks best.

I haven’t stuck anything down yet, so it remains unfinished. But just that little bit closer to being finished than it was at the start of the week.

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