The Start of 2022

Year Two of the Great Plague of Covid is now behind us.

The Great Plague, of course, is still with us. Not that it affected either Christmas or New Year plans for me, other than to use a walk-in centre to get my booster jab and having to deal with a headache side-effect for a few days after. Was very impressed by the efficiency of the military-men in the vaccination centre. In and out in 25 minutes. Much faster than either of the previous two doses, even with the appointments for those.

But now to 2022, to the hope and optimism of a better year.

And to getting back to writing more regularly. And crafting more. Both of those fell a bit by the wayside in the last few months of 2021.

I meant to do lots over Christmas – I got the supplies and everything – but I only completed one project, Samuel the Koala from Edward’s Menagerie. But I have the yarns and ideas for making various others, like the tiger and the chimpanzee. And the Highland cow. Then I might try to crochet some clothes.

I also intend to finish that map. Once I’ve got it back out from its box and unrolled it again. It’s been there since about July, when I packed it up for the move. Probably time I got it out again. I wonder how long I’ll manage to continue with it this year…and if I’ll actually manage to finish it?

4 thoughts on “The Start of 2022

  1. Good luck with your good intentions to craft more (and well done getting the booster). Like you, my crafting fell a little by the wayside in the latter part of last year, and I had supplies to make more, including gifts for the 25th that never gone started let alone finished! I look forward to seeing more of your makes on here.

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