Notes From My Office: November 2021

This last month has had a lot of time thinking about and planning for Christmas. Here, with the updated Advent calendar and considering back-up plans in case of sudden restrictions (especially now with the Omicron variant), and in the Office with Christmas lunches and all the other festivities of the season.

In some ways, I’m glad to be too far away from the enforced jollity of the Office. I can focus on my own decorations, which I normally leave to M, because I don’t have the spare capacity to care. But working from home, as with last year, means I do. I have the time and energy to think about festive baking (even if I then decide the recipes for, say, panettone are a bit complicated and pick something else) and tinsel. And where to put the Christmas tree.

Photo by Bich Tran on

Now is also the time when I start to look for next year’s diary/organiser. The last few years I’ve used an adapted bullet journal, which has changed each year as I think of other things I can add and use it for. So far, I’ve not yet found a suitable notebook, or ready-made organiser. Partly because I want to do so many things, and yet keep the whole year within one book. I have enough notebooks as it is, most of them half-used.

On the other hand, I am enjoying planning the planner, which will probably be created out of various Filofax inserts. The joys of a new project!

But I shall leave you with the Word of this Month, which is the season-appropriate williwaw: a sudden violent squall or gust of cold wind, especially in coastal waters or in high altitudes. Which describes well quite a lot of the weather we’ve had recently.

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