Emma vs Bridget: The Battle of the Hooks

Last month, I made Emma the Bunny from Edward’s Menagerie. I used a Women’s Institute Premium Acrylic DK 100g ball of yarn with a 3mm hook, as suggested in the pattern.

But the yarn suggested that a 4mm hook should be used with it.

Since I had another couple of balls of the same WI DK 100g ball (though in two different shades of grey), I thought I’d try making Bridget the Elephant with the yarn-suggested 4mm hook and see what difference it made. And also because some years ago I made Alexandre the Russian Blue Cat in a random DK yarn with a 4mm hook (I think), and I seem to recall him being much bigger than Emma turned out.

I set to with my 4mm hook and the dark Grey WI yarn (both shades of grey are helpfully called Grey. At least Emma’s brown was called Honey).

Bridget the Elephant and Emma the Bunny

The difference turns out to be minimal, even accounting for differences in head sizes due to being different animals.

Both Emma and Bridget use less than the 100g balls of yarn, and Bridget is only a smidgeon taller than Emma. However, Bridget was a bit easier to make, partly because I find that the 3mm hook is when crocheting begins to get a bit fiddly and annoying. She wasn’t any faster, or slower, to make, though. I did have trouble deciding which way up her head was supposed to be.

I still think that Alexandre was bigger, though it’s difficult to tell from the photographs. The memory does play silly tricks on a person. Perhaps I’ll have to have another go with him, though I do plan to use the lighter grey for Samuel the Koala. Anyway, Alexandre should probably be a lighter brown than Emma. I’d have to go back to Hobbycraft…

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