Crafting After Summer

It’s been a couple of months since I last did any real crafting. I’ve made the odd card, and obviously I’ve continued to collect various supplies. But I’ve not really made anything. Largely, this is because of having to move.

Now, though, I’m in the process of rebuilding my craft room and finding the projects I put away in July. And dealing with the fact that furlough has come to an end so a large portion of my days is taken up with non-crafty things, though I do still work from home. My craft room still isn’t fully unpacked yet, and how it was arranged won’t work with the new room, so I’m having to rethink the layout and reorganise where it all goes.

The Capsule Craft Room for Cards

To be fair, the main project was the cross-stitch map of the Olde Worlde, where I’d got halfway through the ship along the bottom scene. I’m no further along, and it’s still rolled up in its frame in the box. And I need to dig out the pattern from whichever box I packed it in.

Fortunately, I’d already got to the end of my Fat Quarter Tablecloth Rainbow project.

But going through my yarn stash reminded me that I haven’t crocheted anything in even longer, so naturally I had to go to Hobbycraft for some more yarn in order to make a few Edward’s Menagerie animals. The WI DK yarns are just right, and I’m starting with shade 415 (honey) to make Emma the Bunny. Even better, they’re 3 for 2, so I picked up a couple of the greys for the elephant and the koala at the same time. Because I don’t have enough yarn as it is. Perhaps I’ll manage a bit more crocheting in the last few months of this year.

And now with summer over and the rain heralding in a wet and windy autumn with dark nights, it’s time to start thinking of the festive season and finally making all those Christmas cards I gave up on back in May.

One other result of my summer holiday, though, is that I’ve decided to drop my posts back to two a week for now. While I get settled back into routines and remember what full-time work is like. Although you’d think, with all that time to think about this, I’d’ve worked out properly what I was doing, and even, maybe, have got the first lot planned and written, but I haven’t, and I don’t know quite how this is going to turn out. We’ll just have to wait and see and be surprised together.

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