Card of the Week: The First Christmas Card

Back about Easter-time, I thought I’d be all prepared and start my Christmas cards, since the summer is sparse for birthdays. Of course, beyond a few demos, that never happened and instead I made the autumn birthday cards.

Now, however, I have begun the Christmas cards, with this lovely freebie kit from The World of Cross-Stitching 311, designed by Emma Congdon of Stitchrovia. It claimed to take 4 hours, and, for once, I think that might have been an over-estimate. But I did stitch it in short bursts, until I got to the robins, which I stitched while watching Calamity Jane.

I like Emma Congdon’s designs. They’re rarely complicated and they’re always lovely, to stitch and to look at. I might even make a few more of this one, though perhaps with other colours. I’ll have to see what I can find by way of charms, though, as I don’t have any others in my craft-room at present.  I don’t think.

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