Stitch By Stitch: Sailing By

Ten to one in the morning used to be a good time for falling asleep. Radio 4 had Sailing By followed by the Shipping Forecast. I’d normally be asleep by the time the Shipping Forecast was relevant for me, not that it really made much sense. It just has a soporific sort of rhythm to it. The schedule appears to have changed these days, with Sailing By no longer played. Anyway, I don’t often listen to Radio 4.

Stitching the ship has reminded me of Sailing By. Well, this half of the ship. The other half is on the other side of the pattern, so will have to wait a bit. I’m not sure if I’ll do the back-stitching in two halves too, or wait until the whole ship is stitched.

Mind you, I’ve still got a bit of stitching on this half to do before I have to make that decision. The sails and sun need more work. I expect it’ll be slow going through August too, though I don’t despair. I feel like I’ve made good progress so far this year with it. I might even finish it in the nearer future than I thought when I picked it back up.

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