Notes From My Office: July 2021

My office is full of boxes and my craft supplies beginning to be packed away. Or set in the trolley as a Capsule Craft Room.

To be honest, the thought of all the packing is rather exhausting. It has begun though only in a desultory sort of way. Doesn’t help that temperatures over the last week have reached excessive levels. Mostly I’ve packed books and supplies. Obviously packing books can be a bit distracting, which also doesn’t help.

However, because of all the stress of the move, I’ve decided to take a break from Life Ever Crafting over August, so I’m not trying to spin too many plates at once. I know multitasking is supposed to be this Brilliant Thing, but I find it means that nothing then gets the appropriate attention and everything suffers.

Since I already have a lot of cards made, I shall probably continue with Friday’s Card of the Week, but I’m taking a break from the more time-consuming sorts of posts.

July has been a bit sparse for interesting new words, though I have been a bit disappointed that Poldark (which I’ve been rereading and watching) does not use the term carry-knave for the coaches. Very sad. Nor does Lt. Armitage deprecatingly refer to himself as a poetaster [an inferior poet].

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