Fat Quarter Sewing: The Orange Tablecloth

The last of the rainbow tablecloths, though probably not the last tablecloth I’ll make. Not when they’re so simple and straightforward and easy. I shall have to expand my fat quarter sewing into other, simple, patterns.

The orange tablecloth

This one used several quarters left over from the first yellow set I got back in the spring, and which contained orange as well as yellow patterns. It did mean I ended up with two of the striped quarters which hurt my eyes a bit, though – they’re too much like optical illusions. But I’ve split them up with the flowered quarters to make them a bit easier to look at. For me, at any rate.

As I found with the purple tablecloth, I managed to zip through the sewing of this one, having sped up Elsie even further. Not to her fastest speed, but fast enough to half the time it takes to make one. Which is just as well, given summer temperatures. My craft room is south-facing and something of a sun-trap. Even with the window open.

I started my tablecloth-project in order to use up my fat quarter collection. I’ve reduced it, for sure, but not used it up. I think I’m left with the odd-sized ones, though. I don’t think I even have enough of the polka dot ones left for a dotty tablecloth. Ah well. I’ll think of something else.

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