The Last Week of (This) Lockdown

Unless something drastic changes over the next seven days, my Return to the Office begins in earnest next week. As such, I’ve been trying to get back into the habit of at least drafting as many posts as possible well in advance. Like this one, which I drafted at the beginning of June, and which may well have an optimistic flavour. It certainly did shortly thereafter. We’ll see if it continues to be optimistic.     

The Optimism of Summer…

As it is, my own situation will be changing over the next few months, with a move some 200-odd miles south, so I probably won’t stay in the office for very long. To be fair, the Work From Home order may well end up being reinstated come the autumn, along with various other of the restrictions currently being repealed on the 19th.

It will be something of a shock to the system: over the last year I’ve only had the odd day here or there in the office. Nothing consistent or consecutive. We’re starting slow though, with a couple of days the first week, building back up to full weeks in August.

I suppose one of the good things about this is that it hasn’t happened all at once, in the manner of being sent home when I had a weekend’s warning, which has given me time to start organising my crafting and writing around commuting again. And around the upcoming move, of course. I’ve enjoyed writing my blogs only a week in advance, not having to be too regimented or strict in my writing. Or having to think too far ahead, especially with the cross-stitching and the tablecloths.

I was looking forward to being able to reclaim my Craft Room solely for my crafting activities, and to be able to leave Elsie the Sewing Machine sitting on a table. And the Gemini on the other. Much easier for me to play with either, especially as I’m hoping to start attempting some more adventurous sewing.

But that might have to wait until I’ve rebuilt my Craft Room in its new home. Which hasn’t been found yet.

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