A Stitch in Time: The Peacock Cushion

With an imminent move coming up, I had thought to write about what I am calling my Capsule Craft Room. But that isn’t ready yet, so will have to keep for a later date.

Instead, and like the Remembering Reads I’ve recently started, I thought it’d be good to share some previous crafty makes. I expect most of them will be cross-stitches, since that’s the craft I’ve done the longest. It’ll also help me to remember that I can finish large projects, even if my current Stitch by Stitch is taking me longer than all of them put together.

As with Books I Read Before, the things I Crafted Before tend not to appear. Even the recipes are left by the wayside, though they have a greater chance of making repeat appearances. The imminent move will probably encourage more recycling, though I have sufficient of cards to maintain a new Card of the Week each week. That’s also helping with the aforementioned Capsule Craft Room.

But anyway. I thought I’d start with a Peacock cushion cover I cross-stitched a few years back for my mother. She likes the idea of peacocks but wouldn’t appreciate actual peacocks in the garden. To be fair, they do make quite a racket. I can’t imagine the cat would like them either.

I think the cross-stitching was better than the sewing of the cover, mostly because I made it when I was only very sporadically using Elsie so wasn’t very practised. And I hadn’t made a cushion cover before so it was largely experimental. It seemed to work though. Perhaps I should have another go, once I’m done with my tablecloths. Like blankets, I feel you can never have too many cushions.

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