Card of the Week: The Birthday Duck

Since the weekly craft seems to have turned into simply card-making, and since I’ve spent quite a lot of the last month making cards, I’ve decided to change this into a Card of the Week. There may still be the odd non-card craft project, but mostly it will be cards.

Starting with this duck card.

This is actually one of the few stamp sets I’ve bought without a magazine, though I believe it was originally a freebie set. The wonders of eBay. Sadly the dies which came with the stamps did not include one for either the duck or the speech bubble, so I had to get my scissors and practise fussy-cutting.

The most complicated part of this card was the fussy-cutting. Otherwise it was very straightforward. A bit of ink blending for water, a bit of stamping and colouring, die-cutting the oval, and a sprinkle of gems in a corner. Because I have them, I might as well use them. And I like them.

I used the other part of the oval as a stencil for the sloth cards I made a while back – which also shows how long ago I made this duck.

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