Notes From My Office: June 2021

It’s been a very quiet month for work. My office has spent far more time as a craft room than as an office.

I’m not complaining. I’ve enjoyed spending more time with the inks and stamps than with the computer. I’ve even made over half of the birthday cards I’ll need for the next six months. Plus a couple for the start of 2022. And various anniversary or wedding cards.

Giving up the idea of Organised Christmas Cards seems to have done wonders for my creative mojo, and I’ve been whizzing through ideas and makes this month. It’s just as well I’ve had the time, really.

I’m now reconsidering the weekly This Week in Crafts post, especially as I haven’t done much crocheting so far this year. It seems to have morphed in the last months to become a Card of the Week sort of post instead. Perhaps a renaming is in order?

With the not very sunny June weather we’ve had this year (at least where I am), it seemed apt for pluviosity [the quality of being rainy or of bringing rain; rainfall] to turn up in the Words of the Day. It’s true it hasn’t been particularly rainy, but it’s been reasonably cool and cloudy.

Equally, over the last month, we’ve had sook [someone who enjoys cuddles] and amant [a lover; especially one with whom a married person has an adulterous relationship]. I wonder if the amant need be unmarried?

And we started the month with rum duke [a handsome man of high esteem or social class]. With this, I wonder if it need be a man held in society’s high esteem, or merely his own? Besides, rum duke has a contemptuous feel to it, which leads me to suspect it an insult.

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