Stitch by Stitch: The Corner Chieftain

There’s been a lot of furlough so far this month. It’s the normal quiet time for work, anyway, when we’re usually Looking Busy with various training things. Or “reminder” training, like repeating braille training to keep it in our heads.

Being at home for it, and having furlough, has lessened the Looking Busy aspect of the quiet time. Instead, and with the prospect of returning to the office looming, I took advantage to get ahead with the map.

I haven’t quite finished the outer border: I’m thinking I’ll do that in halves, so I can get into a rhythm for it. But I have completed half of the first scene, including the back-stitching of the chieftain. I’ve also decided that I’ll go along and complete the bottom right corner before going up. I had been considering doing the top left corner next. I’ll probably go back to complete the border before going up, though.

And, now I’ve finally actually started the scene, it feels considerably less overwhelming than it did when I was just contemplating it. I’ve only had to unpick and restitch small sections this time, too, which helps.

Next up, the ship in the centre.

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