Home or Office: Restrict or Relax?

I first drafted this a few weeks back, at the beginning of the month. I’ve since rewritten. You see, we were preparing to return in earnest to the office. Couple of days this week, a few more next, then full time on-site at the start of July.

That isn’t now happening, for various reasons, for another few weeks. Among the reasons, of course, is the talk of not relaxing the last restrictions just yet. Thus, the rewrite.

On the other hand, the shock realisation that I needed to get my crafting and writing organised, as my time for both will shortly be curtailed again, has encouraged me to get back into the habit of writing and crafting about a month ahead. Last minute rewrites notwithstanding. I managed to draft the majority of June back before the delay happened, when I thought this would be the week. Begin as I mean to go on, and all that. Now I have to not rest on laurels and continue for July and beyond.

I don’t like last-minute first drafts, though I’ve fallen into the habit of working no more than about a week ahead over the last few months. Which isn’t too bad, while I’m at home and flexibly furloughed. But it’ll be a problem when I’m exhausted from the sociableness and commuting of office-life.

I’m starting with planning topics a month or two ahead. I know the vague schedule, but if I can identify more specific topics well in advance I can work towards them more easily, especially with the larger projects. Tablecloths, for instance, and sections of the map.

But it might take me a little while longer to get myself properly organised with such things. After all, they do all take time.

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