Recently Read: Reducing the TBR Pile

It’s been a good month for the charity shops. For donations of books at any rate. I whittled my shelves here, and then, to my mother’s relief and delight, had a go at the ones in my childhood bedroom.

I managed to reduce the collection at home-home down by two bookcases. I hadn’t thought I had so many I could remove. Again, a fairly large quantity I’ve never read, and since I haven’t felt the desire to do so since I left them there, probably safe to say I never will. So many whims which didn’t last the journey home!

In amongst all this reorganising of books and shelf space, I haven’t actually read all that much, despite the good intentions of getting on with the now considerably smaller TBR pile.

I did manage, from the unread lists, Put on by Cunning by Ruth Rendell, one of the Inspector Wexford series, and it shortly thereafter joined the Donation Pile. Partly because I found it a bit of a tedious story and partly because it was full of typos and errors which offended my Proof-reader’s eye.

For light relief during the home-visit and to recover from the disposal of two bookcases of books (still distressing even if I’ve never read them!), I skimmed through a reread of Legally Blonde by Amanda Brown. Not the sort of book that requires much brain-power. I don’t prefer it to the film, but nor do I prefer the film to the book, which I think follows the gist of the story well. All very pink and cheerful.

And now I’m reading Wormwood by GP Taylor. I’m only a few chapters through at the moment, so I have no real opinion either way. Next month, perhaps.

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