On Card Making Plans

Just after Easter, I thought to crack on with Christmas cards. I was coming to the end, near enough, of my Birthday Season, with only a couple occurring in the summer months and I thought it would be an ideal time to get on with festive cards. Be prepared and organised.

Such good intentions.

Of course, I haven’t actually made any Christmas cards, and I’ve only come up with a few simple demo-fronts for my ideas scrapbook. Even the otherwise quite wintry weather of May didn’t encourage or motivate me to begin a pile of Christmas cards.

Instead, I’ve turned to cheery golden autumnal cards for the start of the next Birthday Season. Partly this is due to having collected the red-orange-yellow part of the spectrum in Distress Oxides, and partly because a recent magazine freebie included a leaf stencil.

My plan now is to get all the pre-Christmas birthday cards done this summer, and then spend from September on the Christmas cards. It makes more sense, and the magazines will be beginning to bring me new festive inspiration around then.

It should also give me less time in which to lose the Christmas cards. Of course, I might lose the birthday cards instead. But at least those I wouldn’t have to re-make all at once, I suppose.

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