Notes From My Office: May 2021

It’s been a quiet month, work-wise. Especially for the last couple of weeks.

Photo by Alena Shekhovtcova on

On the other hand, that did enable me to get further along with the map-project, even with having to redo a large portion of stitches.

And now I’ve had the first dose of my Covid vaccination. Most exciting. Reasonably easy to book, though there was a queue to get into the website to do so. Just gave me time to dig out my NHS number, though it did say that wasn’t necessary. And it let me book an appointment for my second dose at the same time, which was helpful. So far, no side-effects, bar a sore arm.

With the increased relaxation of lockdown-rules, it seemed appropriate when I stumbled across tingle-tangle in my hunt for new words, it being a cheap or disreputable music hall or nightclub; a cabaret. Assuming, of course, that the Indian variant of covid-19 doesn’t cause a rapid retreat back to stricter rules, such places should be opening up again in a few short weeks. If such places still exist. Not being the nightclub-going sort of person, it doesn’t affect me, but I like the phrase.

Similarly appropriate was permixtion, for which one meaning is confusion, and which seems a common reaction to trying to work out what the rules currently are at any given time. Because why would we need clarity at such a time?

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